Simon Calton – CEO
Simon brings a wealth of industry experience and management skills spanning the past 12 years to the Calton James Diversified Alpha Fund Team. He has led the existing Calton James Group for a number of years, successfully sourcing and packaging deals in the US and the UK, and delivering investment returns that consistently outperform market expectations.

As an experienced financier, Simon knows that extensive due diligence, risk management and the provision of adequate collateral, are all required to secure a good investment. Simon has built and
maintained a professional and effective team around him, as well as establishing and utilising a network of industry professionals across the globe that add considerate opportunity to his deal sourcing. Simon has previously acted as an advisor on deals that have led to substantial financial
gain, and often contributes property and global economic investment insight and content to a number of internationally recognized publications, including Forbes, Investment News, US News andWorld Report, and Bloomberg.

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