Carlton James has established a proven investment model of generating returns on average of 17.8% over the past five years. Previous investment opportunities include:

Launched in February 2012, this product invests in real estate properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The Company secured its loan to the entity owning multiple residential and commercial real estate properties via a real estate mortgage held by a regional bank. MN Investments secured the investment using only promissory notes through Rycal Asset Holdings, and ultimately secured all assets owned by the company. Investors in this project have received 12% returns since 2012.

Launched in November 2013, this was the first of the Company’s investments with Carlton James’ Borrower - SW Land & Development. Located in Ray, ND – the heart of the Bakken Oil fields, SW Land & Development develops a hotel that secures the Company’s loan. In addition, the Company also obtained a senior security loan covering all assets acquired by SW Land & Development, with the understanding that Carlton James’ Borrower - SW Land & Development would seek to increase its portfolio of assets in order to mitigate the Company’s risk.

Launched in January 2015, this was the second of the Company’s investments with SW Land & Development. Located in Watford, North Dakota, Carlton James’ Borrower - SW Land & Development developed a site for a 112-room hotel and conference center that secured the Company’s funding position. The project was unique in as much as the wetland parcel of the site could be adjusted to increase the useable acreage. This meant that even with the downturn of the local oil economy, the site has increased in value since acquisition.

Also, the Company has been further protected by the supplemental collateral provided by its security interest in aspects of SW Land & Development’s other properties. To date, investors in Shares that were secured by the Watford project have been paid a 15% return per year since inception.