• Structure: Regulated Mutual Fund
  • Minimum Investment: $20,000
  • Investment Term: 2-6 years
  • Fixed Return: 10.5% Annum

The Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund is a regulated Mutual Fund listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX), designed to provide investors with results that exceed market expectations and create yield factors, while simultaneously protecting and managing against risk.

Carlton James actively seeks secured and collateralised debt financing opportunities that exceed the targeted returns for the investors to meet the dividend payments. The core component of this strategy is through the financing of developments in both the global real estate and technology sectors. Such an approach produces a base return that satisfies investor requirements whilst securitising the fund through stable tangible assets to offer a low risk correlation.

The mix of security offered and geographical diversity in these markets offer an additional layer of protection from external global economic factors. The majority of the funds capitalisation will be allocated to this core layer.

  • Total Investment Required: up to $20M USD
  • Minimum Investment: $40,000 USD
  • Fixed Investment Term: 2 years
  • Return on Capital: up to 42% (plus initial investment returned)

Carlton James continues its funding of Carlton James Commercial Real Estate’s successful hospitality development and land acquisition portfolio.

Carlton James deploys a strategy that secures funding against multiple assets over a diverse portfolio across the United States, and utilizes numerous exit strategies. The Carlton James Commercial Real Estate Ltd is one of the strongest investment opportunities to date, leveraging a structure that has and will continue to allow investors to receive substantial returns while minimizing risk.