Utilising both direct property investment and alternative property funds to maximise your returns and protect your income

What is it that attracts the everyday investor to property investment? Is it that they have watched one of numerous property investment shows on television and think, “Wow, these people just made $60k in the 30 mins it took me to watch this show!!!”...
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Economy Trends In US and China - Observations

Whilst the United Kingdom battened down the hatches and reduced its interest rates by a quarter percent this month, the European economy continues to struggle and China has its own declining economy to contend with, the United States is discussing an increase in the Federal Interest rates...
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4 Questions Every Investor Should Ask

In our now many years of advising, helping, fixing and developing property and alternative investments, we have seen copious amounts of mistakes - we’ve made a few ourselves to be honest. We don’t think you can be a seasoned investor in this world without making a few mistakes.
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Decision 2016 – How the U.S. Election will Impact Its Economy

Historically, the final year of any second presidential term has always been a tough year for the U.S. marketplace and the economy as a whole. This is mainly due to the uncertainty factor, something I talk about often as it plays heavily into the confidence, or lack thereof, in any economy. As I’ve explained previously, this is the key to a growing market place.
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Investor Uncertainty In the Wake of the Brexit

In the ongoing wake of Britain’s EU Referendum, it is safe to say most did not expect this outcome. I strongly believed that the British public would see through the deceit that the Leave campaign hung their hat on and make the correct economic decision for our children.
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How Our Structure Secured Ray Investors

Many years ago now, I embarked on a journey that was widely received at that time with resistance from many. Our structure was a problem for some. Some brokers felt it was more difficult to explain to clients and essentially harder to sell.
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