With a new year comes new goals, new challenges, and a new zest to continue the success from the year prior. Carlton James has come leaps and bounds through 2016 and this means great things for 2017, both for our business and our clients.

Our technology arm has seen some success in 2016. With the successful progress of Coretec we have seen a reverse merger and a cross over into the public realm. In addition to this, Coretec has signed a manufacturing deal, bringing the Company even closer to adding its liquid silicon technology into batteries across the globe for enhanced power storage, enabling additional productivity to solar energy, and increasing the capability of printable electronics. 2017 will see Coretec’s first year of income generation and this is impressive.

The commercial lending arm has enhanced the guidance and in turn requirements of the borrowing developers. Thus meaning more value in assets held by the company. Carlton James is continuing to expand in 2017 and is making steps to guide our borrowers to sell some very successful additional diversified assets.

And the main exciting announcement for 2017 will be the launch of our first regulated product. This product will be different from any we have presented over the years. With multiple currencies, terms and returns on investment, this product promises to be a highlight for our partners.

This new product has been designed with the main intention to mitigate risk and protect our investors against immeasurable global economic issues beyond theirs and indeed our control. Our goal as a Company is to offer returns above the norm with security above average. The only way to offer this is with diversity, structured exit strategies that are adaptable to an ever changing environment, and most importantly by reviewing as many eventualities as possible to assure capital is secure.
This is how Carlton James has made 2016 work for us and our partners. By using the global uncertainty as a driving force behind our 2017 offering.

– Simon Calton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Carlton James