Company also names Joe Kelly as new chief operating officer

Swindon, ENGLAND – April 28, 2017 – Carlton James Group (“Carlton James”), a private Investment group specializing in diversified portfolios including hospitality, land, and technology projects, today announced it has named Anthony Moore and Dr. Umair Mehmood to its Board of Directors. Moore will serve as Chairman of the Board, and along with Dr. Umair, joins current members Ryan Whitefield, and Carlton James CEO Simon Calton to form a four-person board.

Moore brings more than 40 years of experience in the global financial services industry to his role as Chairman of the Board. He has previously served in high profile management roles for Banque Nationale De Paris, Bankers Trust, Barclays de Zoete Wedd, and Goldman Sachs. Moore has transacted business in more than 20 countries across the globe during his career, which includes work in capital markets financing, equity fund raising, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and real estate and fund management.

Dr. Mehmood is a renowned precognition strategist and consults for several clients as an Investment Advisory Specialist. He currently serves as Chairman of a private equity syndicate, and sits on the Management Board for Aspire World Investments LLC, a Dubai-based investment conglomerate. Dr. Mehmood brings a wealth of business contacts throughout some of the most prominent institutional investment firms in the United Arab Emirates, a region in which Carlton James will be strategically active in the future.

“It’s my pleasure to join Carlton James as Chairman of the Board during this time of growth for the company, and I look forward to working with Dr. Mehmood, Joe, Simon, and the rest of the dynamic team to build an innovative investment platform and continue our exciting trajectory,” said Moore, Chairman of the Board, Carlton James.

The Company also announced today it has named Joe Kelly as its new chief operating officer. Kelly has more than 25 years of business experience within banking and financial services. He started his career at Citi Bank, later worked as a manager of a hedge fund where he oversaw investment strategy, risk, and operational integrity, and most recently served as managing director of his own private investment company, Mollitium Capital Ltd. Kelly is also a member of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland.

“It’s an exciting time for Carlton James as we continue to expand our investor-base and build new product offerings that provide the level of return our clients are seeking,” said Calton, CEO of Carlton James Group. “To be able to add Tony, Dr. Umair and Joe to our team – all individuals who are highly respected and have been incredibly successful in our industry – is a terrific achievement for our Company and strengthens our position moving forward as we look to grow our fund and further penetrate the market.”

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About Carlton James Group
Carlton James Group is a private funding group that specializes in real estate, land and technology with the goal of investing in a diverse portfolio projects with the potential to generate higher returns and secure their capital against global financial upset . Carlton James offers a compelling investment vehicle that provides individuals the opportunity to invest in the company as preferred shareholders with a fixed return on investment and fixed term of investment. Carlton James invests its energy and expertise in exceptional businesses across industry sectors where it believes there is the potential for significant capital growth and market opportunity.

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