The Mutual Fund was created to provide access to seasoned investors and management teams adept at investment sourcing, with the goal of providing returns that outperform the market; The Fund debuted at the 4th Aspire Investment Summit held at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Chamber

ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – May 16, 2017) – Carlton James Group (“Carlton James”), a private investment group specializing in diversified portfolios across varying global asset classes but with a core emphasis on real estate, today announced the launch of the Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund (The Fund), a regulated mutual fund listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX), designed to provide investors with results that exceed market expectations and create yield factors, while simultaneously protecting and managing against risk.

The Fund is led by Chairman Anthony “Tony” Moore who possesses more than 40 years’ experience in the global ­financial services industry and has transacted business in 20+ countries; CEO Simon Calton, who has led The Carlton James Group for several years, successfully sourcing and packaging deals in the US and the UK; Ryan Whitefi­eld, who possesses over two decades’ experience working in real estate development and construction; and Dr. Umair Mehmood, a renowned precognition strategist who has maintained a stellar career advising public sector (GRE) and corporate entities on strategic agility and risk climate.

The Fund will actively seek secured and collateralised debt ­financing opportunities that it believes will exceed targeted returns for investors. The Fund will focus primarily on the ­financing of developments in both the global real estate and technology sectors, leveraging its principals’ extensive experience in identifying specific investment mediums, as well as evaluating multiple opportunities within each potential investment. Carlton James will utilise its cost-eff­ective structure, network, and the ability to construct smaller ownership positions, making the same funding opportunities extremely flexible and profitable versus the traditional financing models.

The fund strategy deploys numerous low-risk methods to protect principle investments and maintain what it considers “Delta” exposure, but also generate “Alpha” gains via opportunistic investment. The core layer of the investment strategy drives the base return on a low risk asset-backed pro­file, while the alpha section of the fund seeks out the higher yields, utilising a low capital deployment ratio while leveraging deal flow opportunities.

The Fund is seeking a targeted investment return of nine percent (9%) per annum gross with the net proceeds being eight percent (8%) after the investment management fee has been paid. The Fund also anticipates paying additional bonuses of up to fifteen percent (15%) throughout the life term of the investment cycle based on investors’ retention.

The Fund debuted recently at the 4th Aspire Investment Summit, held at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Chamber and an event that discussed high yield ethical investments and shared collaborative wisdom, essential for inclusive and sustainable growth. The event was attended by both Carlton James Group Chairman Tony Moore and CEO Simon Calton, as well as Aspire Investments President Dr. Munir Ahmad Ch., and guest of honor Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis, the President of Pakistan Business Council in Abu Dhabi.

“Today’s economic climate is one that, while considered volatile, also presents tremendous investment opportunity,” said Tony Moore, Chairman of the Board of Carlton James. “However, the status quo of investing is no longer effective in generating yield and high returns. We believe our architectural approach to funding, via commercialization of emerging technologies or acquisitions of development sites, will enhance investment yields for both company shareholders and investors with a low-medium risk pro­file.”

“Over the past several years, the Carlton James group has provided above-market returns to our network of private investors, establishing our investment strategy as second to none,” said Simon Calton, CEO of Carlton James Group. “Now, following the recent high-profile additions to our executive management and advisory teams, we are pleased to announce this international mutual fund offering that we are confident will provide a broader shareholder base with exposure to what we consider a winning formula for increased yield and high returns. We look forward to working with new investors and advisors around the world seeking an innovative, diversified investment opportunity to combat global market conditions.”

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