In the many years that Carlton James has been developing opportunities for our shareholders, we have learnt a lot, but one notion always prevails – diversification in investment is key to a successful portfolio. I’m sure many of you will have read articles I have written about diversifying your property or investment portfolio. If you have you will understand how diversifying your portfolio can help to protect your capital and enable you to make decisions in investments that you wouldn’t usually be able to. This equates to higher returns whilst maintaining a reduced risk.

The Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund is the brain child of this notion.

The product is a regulated mutual fund which gives the investor the opportunity to obtain shares of a fund secured against the assets Carlton James own.

The fund is designed to protect its shareholders against macro-economic issues that are out of control of the company or themselves. You see, in a world of increasing connectivity the butterfly effect is heightened. What happens in one country has both a direct and indirect impact on another. The collapse of a nation’s economy can hit the pockets of other countries across the world. These issues are a constant threat to any investor.

For example, the 2008 economic crisis started in the U.S. and hit Dubai very badly, while the most recent oil crisis and the advances in fracking technology hit many countries across the globe due to oversupply. Brexit is and will continue to hit European countries, which in turn will hit trade with countries like the U.S. The recent conflict in the Middle East has impacted Europe. Of course, if you go back enough you will see the cause of such events having a deeper root in other countries too. The endless economic link can be traced thousands of years into the past.

Understanding these economic factors has given Carlton James the tools required to offer a product which can be as close to recession-proof as we have seen.

Economies work in cycles. As does the human race. We unfortunately as a race do not learn from the mistakes of our forefathers, especially from an economic standpoint. When there are problems in any one region the knee jerk reaction is to sell. As many experts will tell you, if it has happened then it is already too late. Holding is the key to long term prosperity.

ABC Approach
What our fund can do is utilise our ABC approach (or CBA for the purpose of this explanation) to secure our monies whilst obtaining great returns.


At the core of our investments is real estate. The meaning of this is security or a market which is easily understood and predicted. But the key to our success in this class is diversification of real estate, geographical, and jurisdictional considerations. As the fund grows this diversification grows. These can include commercial and residential properties or small and large developments, but also differing countries including the U.S., UK, UAE, Canada and countries including those along the Chinese OBOR (One Belt One Road Initiative) planned routes.

At the balanced position, we can increase our return by investing differing opportunities which offer other forms of security. For example – sports teams with real estate inclusion, art, commodities, and insurance-backed Investments.

At the top layer we utilise the security within our Core strategy to securely invest in opportunities which themselves have no tangible security. These opportunities usually offer much greater returns and assist the company in its profitability. Examples of this include technology, Forex, and other forms of trading.

This strategy means that Carlton James can utilise security in different asset classes and jurisdiction to be able to slow or increase their investment in different countries and sectors depending on market conditions.

With this model in place there has never been a more secure high return product which has the recession proofing that The Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund offers. To learn more, please contact us at

— Simon Calton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Carlton James