The Carlton James Group, a private investment group specialising in diverse portfolios across varying global asset classes, announced today its investment in 3tone, a music management group and record label, as well as its directors, Dean Roberts and Christoffer Borud.
3tone is a multifaceted and all-encompassing music company, delving into all layers of managing, producing and ultimately delivering quality music. The group consists of six verticals including 3tone Art, 3tone Management, 3tone Media, 3tone Productions, 3tone Publishing, and 3tone Records:

  • 3tone Art is designed to exhibit up-and-coming artists, magnifying their market presence. Ultimately, the brand’s objective is to nurture and progress artists through creative, promotional, administrative and financial support.
  • 3tone Management seeks to establish opportunities for artists via its unique personalised growth-oriented strategies that emphasize decision making, revenue generation and long-term brand viability.
  • 3tone Media intends to become a leading film and video production company producing high-standard programmes and movies for clients both nationally and internationally.
  • 3tone Productions produce live entertainment. With its directors, Dean & Chris, and accompanied industry veterans, the company retains expertise in planning, structuring and executing live events, tours and productions ranging from club events to concerts in arenas.
  • 3tone Records’ objective is to instil a new standard of support for incubated artists within the music industry. Once the record vertical is implemented, 3tone will garner the ability to monetise records.

“We are excited to become involved with the 3tone family of brands, one that we believe represents tremendous upside but also matches the ethos of our Company in its approach to nurturing and growing its artists’ career,” said Simon Calton, CEO of the Carlton James Group. “Their versatility and ability to fill many roles within the music and creative artist industry, coupled with their Company’s leadership, creates a tremendous market opportunity.”

The funding consists of a line of credit to assist in 3tone’s vision of promoting and developing artists from their creative inception. This can only be achieved through financing the many verticals 3tone has conceived and implemented.

Dean Roberts, director, possesses over 20 years’ experience at the highest levels within the music business, working alongside world renowned platinum selling artists to establish their careers on a worldwide global scale. A key role within Amy Winehouse’s camp, using his valued wealth of industry knowledge helped orchestrate over 15 million sales of Back to Black: it is at this point in his career he felt the need for a change to the dated music business model. After procuring another artist John Newman in 2013, he decided that he would utilise his ideas and business acumen again to help assist Newman’s career within the industry, achieving over four million sales worldwide. In addition, Roberts has worked with The Kills, Echo and The Bunnymen, Regina Skeptor, The Charlatans, Mastodon, The Distillers, Turbonegro, Doves, The Rapture, Vendetta Red, Queens of the Stone Age and James.

“We at 3tone are extremely excited to have the Carlton James Group join us as strategic growth partners,” said Dean Roberts, Director of 3tone. “ We have formed a very solid infrastructure that will ensure 3tone has a prominent foothold in the music industry of today and tomorrow.”

Christoffer Borud, director, possesses more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, having originally started in live music. Borud has worked with numerous, platinum selling artists, including John Newman, Cee Lo Green, Josh Groban and Jason Derulo, to name a few. His role with most artists has been as a Musical Director. Furthermore, he has also worked within the songwriting management department of the business. His main responsibility was to oversee and control product development with signed writers, helping them develop.

For more information on 3tone, please visit 3tone’s website.

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About the Carlton James Group
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