As 2020 thankfully comes to an end, Carlton James enjoyed a year of clearing milestones.

During a time of market volatility and uncertainty, a traditionally diversified portfolio has shown it will not defend investor capital, whereas the Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund (CJ DAF) can. The fund achieved 12.78% during 2020 (Jan 20 – Nov 20), proving its structure designed to protect investors from recession is effective at not only preserving, but generating returns.

Top Holding Performance:

This would not have been possible without DAF’s top holdings, including but not limited to i2media. In Q1, the owner of the MMA awards as well as Fighters Only magazine, created their SIA system – a database containing tens of thousands of fitness-orientated articles and information – has become ready for distribution.

During Q2, the Coretec Group, commercializing innovative technologies, procured a supply agreement with Evonik – a world leader in chemical manufacturing, to produce CHS – increasing battery life by up to 5.5 times.

3tone, spanning all verticals of the music industry, have released their music distribution service in Q4, backing independent artists with the power of a record label.

Fund News:

Not only did CJ DAF’s top holdings evolve, but so did the fund itself by registering with Morning Star, generating a CJ DAF ticker on the Financial Times.

With all the good news, we are excited for what 2021 will bring.