Amari Syed, CJG Management Consultants, Managing Director (Middle East)

Amari Syed possesses a strong UK based, legal background in legislation, property Law and Finance. Diversifying away from a juridical profession and seeing huge scope in the real estate market in Dubai in 2007, Mr Syed co-founded Elysian international Real Estate and was the Managing Director of one of the most successful brokerages in Dubai to date. Growing the business to over 165 staff in 6 offices spanning three continents, eventually being awarded top three real estate companies in U.A.E in 2014 out of 2205 companies . By this time he managed over 260 million USD of assets and had transacted, over 1.4 billion USD of residential and commercial property. Ranging from off plan, semi constructed and turn key projects.

Having always a passion for property development, towards the beginning of 2015 Mr Syed was involved in numerous development projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UK. This varied from exclusive sales agreements and JV partnerships.

Exiting Elysian in 2016, he was selected shortly after to be the Executive Director for CCG. One of the largest private developers in the Caribbean. This was a huge opportunity to be part of the construction development and capital raise for a 150 million USD five star luxury resort, mega project (The Point Petit Calivighny) in St George’s, capital of Grenada. Whilst building the sales arm of CCG which is one of Mr Syed’s key strengths, his core expertise lies in building and managing large direct sales forces on an international level via direct and indirect affiliate sales through his global distribution network. Mr Syed has also been actively involved in raising seed capital from angel investors from his own HNW investors for early stage start ups in the tech sector and Series A to C funding via venture capitalists and private equity companies.

Naturally progressing to the next stage in his career and what Amari truly believes to be the pinnacle of Investments funds – Carlton James Group. Mr Syed has been appointed as the Managing Director (Middle East) for CJG. With brand new prestigious offices in Dubai, Amari is heading up and charged of raising capital primarily from the Middle East market but also the MENA region and the Far East for all of the groups active and performing Funds. Whilst also actively searching for attractive investment options for Carlton James to deploy capital into viable investment opportunities such as Disruptive Technology, Real Estate and Capital Markets.