Company Overview

CJG Philosophy

We believe in diversification and an investment structure that effectively protects investor’s initial capital.

We are also opportunistic and creative, seeking multiple opportunities within every investment decision we make.

The Carlton James Group is run to develop products and services that assist its partners and shareholders in breaking the cycles of economic downturn. The Group’s dedication to diversification is evident in everything it does and throughout every layer of its structure.

The Carlton James Companies

The Group includes companies that are not only diversified but also complement each other and are based in a correspondingly varied set of global geographies and sectors.

The reason for this structure is simple:

When macro and micro-economic factors surge and a cyclical ‘Boom’ is upon us the group’s companies thrive in differing environments complimenting each other, adding a layer of support to its investors that increases profitability exponentially.

At those times when we inevitably experience an economic downturn and a cyclical ‘Bust’ darkens our doorsteps, the diverse nature of these companies allow a number of them and their investment strategies to thrive. This will have the effect of thereby mitigating losses and even enabling winds in a falling market.

The Carlton James Products

The Group model is to offer above average returns with multiple security options, multiple management teams and multiple exit opportunities. The Carlton James Group’s products are structured to provide the positive long-term management of our shareholders’ capital over and above all else.

The Carlton James products are varied but are linked by a dedication to diversification on all levels. From diverse security to diverse management, that driving ethos is imprinted throughout the group’s products.

Capital preservation through diversification.

The Carlton James Team

The Carlton James Group invests in people above all else.

The team at Carlton James offer a wide variety of expertise across numerous industries to support the Group’s investment products and services. It is this expertise and these people that will continue to provide the Group with the key industry insight that has allow Carlton James to effectively implement the differing investment strategies, delivering strong returns through both positive and negative wider global economic cycles.

Carlton James continue to grow a team of likeminded individuals to increase the returns to shareholders and the profitability of the Group.

This diversification is and will remain the key to the Group’s continued success.

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You can reach Carlton James Group through their global management Company, Carlton James Global Management Ltd.

6a Callow Park, Callow Hill,
Brinkworth, Wiltshire
SN15 5FD


+44 1793 230 277

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