John Gilfillan – Global Sales Director

John has over 20 years of business experience, primarily in financial services and owner operated small businesses. He brings a track record of sales, business development & institutional capital raising alongside new product development in the financial & leisure industries to the Carlton James Group.

During his career, John was Managing Director of private equity backed business Delavals Limited from 2012 to 2015, where he signed one of the most innovative licensing deals in the entire history of the National Trust and created the National Trust Beer Club with over 3,500 members, product in over 500 entities in the UK and a six-figure turnover from a standing start.

Previously, John was Director of PSource Capital, a subsidiary of diversified financial services group Punter Southall Group. During his time with the Company he was responsible for the launch of a London listed Investment Trust raising $120m and was a co-founder of both a Chinese subsidiary (a prelude to launching a China Infrastructure Fund) and a Guernsey domiciled investment business.

John was awarded an MBA (with distinction) at the University of Newcastle in 2000 and secured the best ‘Small Business’ title at the Northumberland Business Awards in 2014.