Dr. Umair Mehmood – Middle Eastern Ambassador, Board Member

Dr. Umair Mehmood is a renowned precognition strategist and advises on many issues at the senior level, be it Company Boards or Government Departments. He is highly respected in his field and is well known in Middle East circles.

His consultation work focuses upon advising Public Sector (GRE) and corporate entities on strategic agility and risk climate. He has extensive knowledge in relation to Middle East and Asia Economics and politics, and advises on such matters to Senior Government figures throughout the UAE.

Dr. Umair consults for a number of clients as an Investment Advisory Specialist and is Chairman of a Private Equity Syndicate, as well as serving on the Management Board for Dubai-based Investment Conglomerates.

Dr. Umair brings a unique skill set to the Calton James Advisory Team, in his ability to define and evolve its investment strategy and logic that needs to be deployed on behalf of the fund. In addition to this, he brings a wealth of business contacts and introductions to some of the prominent institutional investment firms throughout the UAE, from whom the fund shall seek investment, or as strategic financial partners in the deal flow engaged by the Team to ensure the success of the Calton James Diversified Alpha Fund.