Carlton James Group Investment Approach

Carlton James utilises its ABC philosophy through its Diversified Alpha Fund to secure monies through diversification, whilst obtaining high returns.


At the core of our investments is real estate. This is a market which is easily understood and predicted but the key to our success in this class rests in our diversification of real estate, geographical, and jurisdictional considerations. As the fund grows, as does our capacity for diversification. These can include commercial and residential properties, small and large developments across differing geographies including the USA, UK, UAE, Canada and countries along the Chinese OBOR (One Belt One Road Initiative) planned routes.


At the balanced position, we can increase our return by investing in differing opportunities which offer alternative forms of security. For example, sports teams with real estate inclusion, art, commodities, and insurance-backed Investments.


At the smaller end of the scale we can utilise our security at our Core strategy to securely invest in opportunities which themselves have no tangible security. These opportunities usually offer much greater returns and assist the company in its profitability. Examples of this Alpha class include technology, Forex, and other forms of trading.

This strategy means that Carlton James can utilise security in different asset classes and jurisdiction to be able to slow or increase their investment in different countries and sectors depending on market conditions.