Investment Process & Philosophy

In the many years that Carlton James has been developing opportunities for shareholders, we have learned that one notion always prevails — diversification is the key to a successful investment portfolio.

The Carlton James Group seeks to fund and invest in asset classes that offer multiple exit strategies and capital protection, while growing company assets over time and increasing the protective nature of the group’s philosophy. What differentiates our group is that it marries this core ethos with an alpha strategy that delivers high returns in the short term.

Carlton James actively seeks secured and collateralised debt financing opportunities that produce targeted returns to meet the dividend payments for our investors. This strategy allows the asset classes of the group to offer investors a secure product which produces a base return that satisfies investor requirements whilst securitising the investment through stable tangible assets as security to offer a low risk correlation.

Global investment is at the heart of the Carlton James mindset and hedging investment in one country with investments in another allows the company to continue investing where others may have to slow.

Diversification in Investment is key to a successful Portfolio