Balanced Portfolio



The Diversified Alpha Fund has invested into i2Media, a media management group specialising in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Health and Fitness media, and its director, Robert Hewitt.

i2Media Group has extended its activities from an international magazine publisher distributing across the UK, US and overseas, to becoming a producer of live events and a digital publisher of websites, social media and applications. It has also established third party content marketing and digital agencies which provide marketing services for a growing portfolio of clients.

With the help and support of Carlton James, i2Media seeks to expand their current team before entering new markets, including India, Africa and the Middle East to gain a more global reach. This expansion comes at a time when, according to Nielsen Sports, there are 451 million people interested in MMA, with 85% coming outside of the United States. In 2018, UFC revenue topped $700 million, and is now worth $7 billion after its recent $1.5 billion TV contract with ESPN.



The Diversified Alpha Fund has invested in 3tone, a music management group and record label, as well as its directors, Dean Roberts and Christoffer Borud.

The funding consists of a line of credit to assist in 3tone’s vision of promoting and developing artists from their creative inception. This can only be achieved through financing the many verticals 3tone has conceived and implemented.

3tone is a multifaceted and all-encompassing music company, delving into all layers of managing, producing and ultimately delivering quality music. The group consists of six verticals including 3tone Art, 3tone Management, 3tone Media, 3tone Productions, 3tone Publishing, and 3tone Records.

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The Diversified Alpha Fund has commenced lending to the Coretec Group, a US publicly traded company committed to the development of material technologies for applications within a wide range of industries that include energy storage, solar, solid state lighting, printable electronics and even 3D displays.

The Coretec Group is currently focused on providing new and improved silicon-based materials that meet the needs and specifications of energy storage, specifically relating to lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors. The tech for these two areas of application is market-ready, as the global market for semiconductor memory is expected to increase by $730 billion by 2024, and the lithium-ion battery category set to exceed $92 billion by that same year.


Cotswold Homes

The Diversified Alpha Fund has begun investment into Cotswold Homes Ltd, a house builder established in 2004, dedicated to delivering quality new homes with first class customer care.

Cotswold Homes understands the needs of contemporary homebuyers. From downsizing to fund leisure time, Cotswold Homes addresses the need for creative, versatile living space that can adapt to suit the ever-changing needs of the modern family. Homes built lie in established, popular locations where potential buyers will want to live.

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