middle east management consultants

CJG Management Consultants is located in Concord Tower in Dubai Media City, and serves as the Carlton James Group’s Mideast arm.

CJG Management Consultants was launched to support financial advisors in Middle Eastern countries with how to provide their clients with a sophisticated and diverse array of investment products. These investment vehicles – spanning mutual funds, REITs, and individual property investments – represent the core focus and expertise of Carlton James and its leadership. As such, we are confident in our ability to enter the market in this region, work directly with financial advisors representing high-net worth individuals, and ultimately work with them to generate returns that satisfy all parties – most importantly, the investor.

Leading these efforts in our new location is Dr. Umair Mehmood, a renowned precognition strategist and consultant for several clients as an Investment Advisory Specialist, as well as a member of the Carlton James Board of Directors.